Notes on Flamingo Quest: Squawking with the Best of Them

I won’t mince words; Flamingo Quest by TheWaether is extremely my shit. It’s a short, standalone game set in “Top-Secret Neon-Pink Planet Universe” a domain created by the developer made of chunky, low-poly graphics and contrasting pink and blue pastel colours. Flamingo Quest looks like an old PlayStation game, and sort of feels like one […]

Notes on The Shape on the Ground: Spooky Fortune Cookie

The Shape on the Ground by somewhat is a very theatrical Rorschach test. The language in the two guides for the game (one for patients, one for practitioners), describes it as a kind of psychological evaluation test, but there is no clinic, nurses, doctor, or for that matter, people. The background bears a menacing red […]

Notes on The Secret of Dank Mountain: Ironic Climbing Simulator

The Secret of Dank Mountain by adamgryu is a game best played stoned. A PC Gamer blurb about the game is quoted in bold at the very top of its page as reading, “I don’t get what’s so dank about this pleasant mountain range.”  Ah, I’ve solved your problem. Dank Mountain resides in the […]

Notes on New Ice York: Let’s Do Crimes!

New Ice York is a short adventure role-playing game by developer magicdweedoo. Set in a speculative near-future where New York City has mysteriously frozen over, the game follows the investigative efforts of a man we know only as “Detective”, and the city’s “Top Agent.” The game is reminiscent in structure to better-known works in the […]

Notes on Perfectly Ordinary Ghosts: Shadow on a Pale Wall

Perfectly Ordinary Ghosts is a “domestic horror interactive fiction”, according to its writer, Victoria Smith. Together with editor Madeleine Mackenzie, Smith delivers a gothic horror through the medium of Twine. Simple and relatively quick to play, Perfectly Ordinary Ghosts keeps it classic both in its application of Twine as a tool for building interactive fiction […]

Notes on Hell: Hello Dad, I’m in Jail. I Like it Here. It’s Nice.

Hell  by ahintoflime is a point-and-click adventure about being dead. I know there are a healthy handful of underworld simulators—from the obvious Diablo to the lesser-known The Midnight Station—but Hell is worth a mention for its gameplay and visual style as well as for many of the themes running through it.  Hell is depicted as […]

Notes on Gone Vroom: Running Over an Indie Darling

Gone Vroom by Jon Remedios is a mod of Gone Home with a few minor changes here and there. To begin with, Gone Vroom shortens the game significantly, so much so that everything beyond unlocking the front door is shaved off. The other thing probably worth mentioning is that Gone Home’s protagonist, Kaitlin, has been […]

Finding Comfort

cw: this piece contains some discussion of grief, depression and suicidality.   I started out by playing comfort zone, but as it turned out I had started in the middle. Or, at least I think that’s where I started. Developer spacepuppy has, over the last couple of months, released 4 games. In chronological order, they […]

Notes on Eye Poppers: Delight in the Grotesque

Eye Poppers by Espion Games slots easily into the “time-waster” category of free-to-play browser games. But that’s alright, because it doesn’t aspire to much more, and contained little projects like these can be enticing omens for a developing artist. Playable right now on the game’s page, Eye Poppers takes only a few minutes to […]

Notes on Glimby: Large, But Squishy

Glimby is a green, gelatinous being who can grow and shrink in size at will like a kaiju, swears like a sailor, and might be immortal. Glimby is also the name of her very own game, brought to us by veteran game designer stephen thecatamites and playable in your browser in minutes. On a mint-green […]