A Special Radio Transmission: Leaving Disneyland, And Other Metaphors

In episode four of the Sufficiently Human Podcast, Zolani and I discuss what it means to leave videogames through the context of a close reading of Deirdra “Squinky” Kiai’s Ruin Jam game, Quing’s Quest.

Using that analysis as a springboard, we discuss the complexity of the process of “leaving games” and dissect the idea of videogames as a particular kind of cultural space, both in terms of community and industry. We talk about non-participation in industry procedure and the conditions made by socioeconomic forces that create hostility to alternative and structural criticism within videogames, and we ask if and how it is possible to uproot from that space while still curating and building alternative games and games discourse. Aiming to set concrete terms for externalizing games and criticism, we look outside of the traditional structures of games culture and industry to open up the medium.

Extra Reading:

  • On Leaving by Jenn Frank
  • On Right-Wing Videogame Extremism by Liz Ryerson
  • On Gamers and Identity by Liz Ryerson
  • Are Feminists Taking Over Videogames? by Morgan Ramsay
  • The “death of capitalism” is really just capitalism at work by Andrew O’Hehir

Music mix by Adam Kvasnica, featuring tracks by Miles Davis’s Second Great Quintet. Listen to the full mix here.

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