Poetry followed you on twitter

I went ahead and made another Twine poem. There aren’t a lot of links in this one, but there are a few text boxes that you can use to add a line to their stanzas. Each stanza is on a time limit, though, so see how quickly you can come up withe something clever.

While I would normally have just embedded Poetry followed you on twitter on this page with an iframe, I decided I like the way it looked in full-screen and so uploaded it to philome.la (you can play it here). 

Because I’m a programming wiz kid, I only really designed this thing with my 1920×1080 laptop in mind. While the game is playable at other resolutions, it looks more as intended in a full-screen tab at the aforementioned resolution.

Huge thanks to Leon Arnott, as always, for the “typewriter” and “timedgoto” macros and “rainbow” text decoration, and for being super friendly and helpful and patient with me just generally not knowing how to do things.