A Special Halloween Transmission: Come Play With Us, Forever and Ever and Ever…

It’s time for another artgame rundown! In this episode, Zolani and I critique a handful of cool, small artgames, many of which conveniently happen to be pretty ~spooOooOoky~. We get into the spirit of the season talking about how many of these games are able to use space, movement, tone and symbolism to build feelings of dread, suspense and horror. We also get into the subtext of the situations these games present to us, contemplating the statements they make on everything from alienation and identity to self-sacrifice and mortality.

[TW: This podcast contains discussion of sexism, racism, domestic abuse, suicidality, claustrophobia, and depression.]

Extra Reading: 

  • The Cruel Practice of Art - Georges Bataille
  • Grand Unified Theory of Female Pain – Leslie Jamison
  • 2:22 AM Captures The All-Consuming Feeling of Insomnia – Christ Priestman

Featured Games:

  • the uncle who works for nintendo – Michael Lutz & Kimberley Parker
  • CHYRZA - Kitty Horrrorshow
  • Gallergy – Swofl
  • 2:22 AM - RoboCicero
  • Don’t Talk To Them!! - eoeoeo344
  • VIDdeo – Duneworld
  • Curtain - Dreamfeel

Honourable Mentions: 

  • 776-778-780 - Leo Burke
  • Oneiric Gardens – Cicada Marionette (Lilith)
  • Black Hole Interior Explorer – Ian MacLarty
  • After - Aaron Oldenburg
  • Line Crossing – Lissaring (Aeryne Wright)
  • Cyborg Goddess – Kayte McKnight & Kara Stone
  • Lights Out, Please! – Kaitlin Tremblay
  • Bernband – Tom Van Den Boogaart
  • Orthoclase – Vavassor
  • Lullaby – Mason Lindroth
  • Psyche E – Ryan Melmoth & Joshua Roach
  • Secrets Agent - Jonathan Kittaka
  • Blitzmaze – dustmyte

The song in this episode was “My Time” by Statik Selektah.