Manufacturing Consent XXX Porn Parody

I’ve created another Twine poem. This will be one of a handful of posts over the next few days all exploring different moods and styles of digital poetry. I’ll cut the pretense and admit I’m doing this, at this point in the month, to combat a weeks-long rut of writer’s block and creative and emotional lethargy. Also, to get paid before November’s out. This little experiment is as much for me as it is for you, and I really do enjoy doing these little works with relatively more ease (at least, less time committed to actual labour) than writing my typical-length essays.

I’ll get back to those next month. In the meantime, allow me to present Manufacturing Consent XXX Porn Parody.

I’m so sorry, Dr. Noam Chomsky. I’m so incredibly sorry about this.

[TW: While this poem doesn’t explicitly describe sexual situations, it does make reference to sexual acts which may be considered violent or otherwise triggering to some. Please, be safe!]