Winter is for Mourning People

Here’s the second in my small series of game poems. It’s a villanelle! Sort of. It loosely follows the structure of one but I’ve definitely taken a few liberties in terms of foot, rhyme and meter. I put this one together in Construct 2, partly to keep things interesting (for me, mostly) and partly to demonstrate that I think the connection between digital games and poems is a little deeper than just what’s reflected in “text”-based tools like Twine. (Even that one’s debatable, but my inevitable essay on the subject won’t be for a while.)

I hope you enjoy, or at least don’t hate, this weird game-poem hybrid abomination I’ve put together. Before you play, here’s some relevant information from my page:

“[Content Warning: This poem makes reference to death and to seasonal mental health issues.]

Click on the cube in the title screen to start game.

Click on the window to pause. If you want to restart, you’ll have to hit “Restart” then “Unpause” to actually get back to the game. Sorry about that.

Cube asset and itch background made in Andi McClure’s Scrunch.”