A Haiku for Bad Developers

I’ve put together a Twine poem-game-thing (I’m still not even convinced of the nomenclature for the things I’m making, to be honest with you), that makes extensive use of Darius Kazemi’s “Random Words” macro. This one’s a little simpler than the other two of this late-November digital poetry series, in part because it was made in a bit of a mad scramble, but it allowed me to exercise some of my ideas regarding computer generation in poetry, “happy accidents” and a more free-verse or projectivist style of poetry in a digital form. I wanted this to feel somewhat like Brian Kim Stefans’ The Dream Life of Letters, and despite the hurry in which this was made I hope I captured some of that sensation. I had wanted to stick the game on this page in an iframe, but it didn’t look quite right and the random word macro refused to work properly, but it looks great in full screen at Philome.la (link below).

[Please be warned, I don’t know all of what’s in the word list that the macro is pulling random words from, since I didn’t make that. I apologize if any words that may pop up happen to be offensive or triggering.] 

It’s also been really important for me put some productive energy into something creative, since I’d mentally checked out for more or less all of November. I enjoyed taking the time to make these little projects. Even if digital poetry or poetic games aren’t exactly top sellers, I still got a lot of out making these and I hope you get something out of playing them.

I’ll be getting back to regularly scheduled programming in December, although I might still post the odd digital poem/game, just to keep my posts interesting for me and for you. I love writing essays, but it’s nice to take the time out and flex different creative muscles once in awhile. For now, please enjoy A Haiku for Bad Developers over at Philome.la.

Many thanks as well go to Micah Johnston and Leon Arnott for helping me resolve some very frustrating JS issues that I am in no way qualified to handle myself.