Ways of Playing: LSD: Dream Emulator

[TW: There is some strobing and flashing in this video, and the field of vision in the game may cause some viewers discomfort.] 

Welcome to the debut installment of Ways of Playing, the new Sufficiently Human critical LP series! I begin with Osamu Sato’s LSD: Dream Emulator, the first of three LPs I’ll be recording on Sato’s more notable works (the other two being Eastern Mind and its sequel, Chu-Teng.) In this video, I look at the aesthetic, metatextual and intertextual qualities of LSD: Dream Emulator, and at how it succeeds at adapting Hiroko Nishikawa’s LSD:  Dream Journal into a virtual, interactive piece of conceptual art.

You can read the Dream Journal in its entirety here. [TW: Some of the content makes reference to sexual assault, death, gore, violence and ableism.] 

Read more information about the infamous Gray Man here.

Watch the Hatsuyume cutscene here. 

Help support development of the fan remake, LSD Revamped, here.