A Special Radio Transmission: Asking the Right Questions

In this, our seventh episode, Zolani and I have a late-night chat about a diverse handful of recently-released small games, ranging from the surreal and poetic to the more familiar but still pretty surreal and kind of terrifying. We discuss the intersection of games with poetry, and Zolani provides us with a rousing dramatic reading of the verse from fizzhog’s foliakatra in particular. We also discuss the importance of the unification of things like context, subtext and symbolism with visual and ludic elements like spatial perspective, movement, dimension and “mechanics”. In the second half of the episode, Zolani and I do a little Q&A with questions we were asked via Twitter. We got a nice bunch of questions that we were able to use as a springboard for a short-ish retrospective on our careers, what it is we’d like to still do and see, and how we see our own roles in the critical sphere we belong to. Also, my cat, Princess Peach, contributes some thoughts by walking into my microphone and then onto my keyboard.

[TW: In this episode, we discuss issues surrounding abuse, consent, ableism and violence.] 

Featured Games: 

  • Direction – Kristian Kronstrand
  • foliakatra – fizzhog
  • Off-Peak – Cosmo D
  • GOLDAK - Gigoia Studios

The music featured in this episode comes off the A Side of “El Dorado. The Golden Cassette” by Aillacara 2743.  If you can, be sure to pick up a copy from the My Bags Bandcamp page!