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A Special Radio Transmission: “Academic Critics” and Discursive Hegemony

Hello, dear readers. This week’s post is a little bit different, because it’s coming to you in magical ☁MiXcLoUd☁ form. This is a first, very haphazard and casual attempt at a podcast hosted by critic and game designer Zolani Stewart and me. By haphazard, I mean we did this at 3 a.m. on my couch while my cat ran up and down the hallway (you can probably hear her somewhere in the middle). By casual, I mean there’s no real rhyme scheme here.

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The Ms. Pac-Man Problem

You start with your default male character, your Man or your Boy, a universal archetype made in your image. It’s something players can relate to. Then you bring in the girl for diversity. You make a female avatar to bring in those women players, or if not, to add a little spicy, probably sexy, variety. […]

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Down the Critical Path

Lately the private discussions of many people I respect have become public discourse, and I’m really relieved that this conversation is happening. Progressive and social justice communities, largely but not exclusively in the online sphere, have been plagued by misguided, maybe even exploited, hurt that has been whipped into unfocused rage. People who should be […]